Wandering Star

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A Lannan Translation Selection

Wandering Star is the moving story of two women, caught up in the turmoil of the Middle East, who aspire for peace  - Esther, a Jewish girl who takes part in the founding of Israel, and Nejma, a Palestinian who becomes a refugee.

"One of France’s finest writers." - Booklist

" 'How many doors do we have to pass through?' one heroine of Wandering Star wonders, midway through her journey from war-torn Europe to her new home in Israel. Pages later, the other, marooned in a Palestinian refugee camp, realizes that her people have been left at the end of the world and that no one cares. Le Clézio has fashioned an intimate, searching novel about the price of war and exile." - Stewart O'Nan

"Wandering Star is a luminous lesson in humanity amid the ruins of civilization and intelligence." - Le Figaro

"Le Clézio... seeks the signs of human misery and of potential peace at the very heart of life, in a confrontation with time and the elements; with the sun and the earth, with birth and death, with the mystery of origins and the enigma of the future, with the necessity of both remembering and forgetting, without which nothing can be healed." - Le Monde

"Le Clézio is a captivating story-teller. I raced home every night to read this exquisitely written story, which feels more like poetry than prose. I was struck by the beauty-in the midst of the searing pain." -Penny Rosenwasser, author of Voices from a "Promised Land"

Avtor J.M.G. Le Clézio
Jezik Angleški
Letnik 2004
Ohranjenost Dobra
Opis ohranjenosti Dobro ohranjena knjiga brez oznak besedila. Na robu knjige je manjši madež. Listi v knjigi so čisti. Platnice so malo obrabljene.
Št. strani 316
Vezava Mehka
Založba Curbstone Press
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