• Living Druidry

Living Druidry

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Zadnja platnica je pol centimetra pretrgana. Čista knjiga brez oznak besedila. Platnice so malo obrabljene.


In Living Druidry Emma Restall Orr opens the doorway to this powerful and ancient spirituality. Grounded in everyday life and experience this richly inspiring and accessible book guides you to find your own vision, and your own deep, ecstatic relationship with nature.

Emma offers understanding about the mysteries of this spirituality sourced in the sancity of nature, both defining and exploring the nature of the old gods, of spirit, soul and matter, of sacred relationship and the divine inspiration called awen.

She explains how to bring profound magical experience back into your life, so that each moment is enriched with nature's power and beauty. You will learn how truthfully to express your inner wildness, so transforming your relationship with the worlds in which we life. You will discover:
- The fundamental principles and practices of Druidry
- The relevance of Druidry and nature spirituality today
- The powers of nature that resonate within the individual
- How to bring spiritual experience into your everyday life
- Simple ways to acknowledge and embrace the wild side of your nature

Avtor Emma Restall Orr
Jezik Angleški
Letnik 2004
Podnaslov Magical Spirituality for the Wild Soul
Št. strani 216
Vezava Mehka
Založba Piatkus Books

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