• Aura Energy for Better Health and Happiness

Aura Energy for Better Health and Happiness

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Imagine an advanced energy and information system that contains the chronicle of your life - past, present, and future. By referring to it, you could discover exciting new dimensions to your existence. You could uncover important resources for new insights, growth, and power.
You posess sucha a system right now. It is your personal aura - the doorway to self-empowerment. Learn step-by-step aura empowerment strategies based on scientific research and laboratory testing to:

  • Call on your inner aura specialist, who has the power to see auras, interpret them, and use the aura to promote your health and well-being.
  • Repair a dysfunctional aura and protect it against future damage.
  • Illuminate, attune, energize, and structurally modify your aura where needed.
  • Promote wellness, accelerate learning, end bad habits, overcome fear, build self-esteem, increase creativity, slow aging, and ensure career success.
  • Reach beyond current limits and discover exciting new dimensions of meaning to your existence.
  • Use the aura as a link to the cosmic source of your existence.
  • Initiate a totally new spiral of growth with the seven day aura empowerment plan.

Avtor Joe H. Slate
Jezik Angleški
Letnik 2000
Št. strani 235
Vezava Mehka
Založba New Age Books