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If Tao is the Way, where are going?

Brimming with hard-won personal observation and practical, tested exercises, Every Day Tao provides a map of the Way. Leonard Willoughby comes to the Tao as a Western seeker, looking for both a spiritual practice and a method of living. In this book, he frankly recounts his own struggles-with life and with the Tao. After experiencing Every Day Tao, we can under­stand and finally follow the Way, to become a fully integrated personality.

Part One explains the Tao in simple terms for western minds. And Part Two, Te - Virtue, or Integrity - gives us the advice, stories, and skills necessary for the true Taoist journey. Here we learn how to give up negativity, perceive reality, practice self-for­giveness and self-love. Sexuality and celibacy are also touched upon in this section. In Part Three, Willoughby shows us how to make personal mandalas-with personal symbols-to create our own, unique meditation practice. Every Day Tao culminates in the answer - we are going home to our True Selves.

Avtor Leonard Willoughby
Jezik Angleški
Letnik 2001
Ohranjenost Zelo dobra
Opis ohranjenosti Zelo dobro ohranjena knjiga, čista in brez oznak besedila. Platnice so rahlo obrabljene.
Podnaslov Self-Help in the Here and Now
Št. strani 268
Vezava Mehka
Založba Red Wheel/Weiser
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